Za True White Night Cream Review

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Experience with Za True White Night Cream:

 As we all know CTM is a daily routine that one should not skip. These days for my this routine, I am using the Za True White Products.

  • Za true white cleansing foam.
  • Za true white Toner.
  • Za true white night cream.

(Packed With Revolutionary 4MSK + Vitamin C and SPA Ingredients, this advanced whitening range gives true Luminosity and Radiance that shines from within.)

I prefer using the night cream as a part of my CTM routine particularly because I feel that during night the skin soaks or absorbs the necessary moisture and gives the needed hydration. After 15 days of regular usage, the difference in the skin is noticeable. The results are clearly seen on skin with reduced patches and blemish spots and I woke up to soft, supple and happy skin. I particularly liked its light fragrance. The cream has a mild consistency which makes it all the more suitable for usage in the night.. The whole range of Za True White has a very light texture be it a day/night cream or toner they are weightless and are easy to wear. The usage of the products doesn’t give a sticky feel and is easily absorbed into the skin. 

Enriched with Vitamin C, SPA ingredients and white lily extract this cream is a gift for those who love their skin.




Smooth an appropriate amount over face with fingers after toner.

Apply several dots on the face and spread evenly from the centre of the face outwards.



Vitamin C derivatives (AMP and VC-IP)

Prism Enhancer

SPA Ingredients:


Natural Spring Water

White Lily Extract

Citrus Extract


Pros of Za True White Night Cream:

Travel friendly Packaging.

Leaves the skin with a natural glow.

Suitable for all skin types.

Deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

It has a very nice fragrance which gives a refreshing feel.

It has whitening properties.


Cons of Za True White Night Cream:

As such no negatives for this night cream.

The Product claims:

This whitening Night Cream works hard while you are fast asleep. Gives high Whitening effect by diminishing melanisation, dark sports, blemish marks and patchiness to reveal translucent, clear skin; and Moisturizing effect by removing excess surface cells, while deeply hydrating skin from inside-out.


Repurchase: Surely 🙂 

Rating: 4.5 /5

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