Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer- Review

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Experience with Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer

The perfect solution moisturizer is from the anti aging range introduced by Za. The moisturizer is in the dark pink bottle. The consistency of the moisturizer is too flowy/watery but has a white plastic rubber (as seen in the pic below) at the opening to protect too much of moisturizer from coming out .  It has a very nice fragrance and is light on skin. The moisturizer is white  in color. Till now we have tried two products from the perfect solution range i.e The Za Restoring Collagen Cream  and the moisturizer . Both of them are equally light on skin. The skin feels hydrated and fine lines with continuous usage diminish


Smooth an appropriate amount over face with hand or cotton pad after toner.

Slowly apply the Moisturizer from the center of the face outwards.


Yuzu seed extract

Apricot seed extract

APM (Vitamin C derivative)

Marine collagen



Pros of Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer

Awesome Fragrance.

Very light on skin.

Gets absorbed easily in the skin.

Best for those who have oily or combination skin.

Elle beauty Award 2014

Hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

Cons of Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer

My skin is dry. I felt the need of applying some cream or moisturizer after some time.

The Product claims:

This feather-light, non-oily Moisturizer infuses skin with rich moisture to make it feel firm, resilient and lively.

Rehydrates skin to prevent fine lines and roughness caused by dryness. Removes dullness, evens out skin’s texture to make it look luminous and clear.


Repurchase: May be

Rating: 4/5

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