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Till long I had thought that was a shopping portal that only catered to men clothing. It is totally funny, when I know see it loaded with great stuff that we can buy too. My first tryst with happened when me and a friend were searching for coloured denims and did not obviously wanted to spend a huge amount with Zara (though I still bought one from Zara). Thus we entered Yepme and it totally rocked with colored denims. Shopping

Why, we also did not get away with just a few pages and stayed on was because Yepme has the most affordable and awesome denims available online. Priced at Rs 1100, these were a great buy. There were denims available at 4-5 colors and I bought a few. One highlight about Yepme is also the tops/blouses category for women. Have a look at it and it will surprizingly get shocked. I am sure you would have never seen those prices with those blouses anywhere else online. I bought a few again. I will soon be doing many outfit posts of the stuff that I bought from Yepme. Yepme also have some daily deals which you can check out. The deals often are really good for guys. At times, they offer complete wardrobe solutions in affordable prices.

You can buy amazing stuff at Rs 299 and wear it anywhere.

Sections to check on (in terms of prices)

My Take on

  • Delivery in 4 days
  • Message as soon as you place the order
  • Nicely packed parcel
  • Most affordable colored denims available both online and offline
  • Best online shopping store for college students. Why I say college students is because they have extremely low prices for amazing blouses.

Have you tried shopping from Yepme? Do share experiences

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