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I am sure this week is looking like an Online shopping week on Colorific. But my laptop is back and I am loving to work now. I had purchased some stuff from many a times (but that was usual household stuff and never even got to blog about it). This time I bought something that is most known for: Shoes. shoe

What I ordered:

  • Silver Aiva Sandals
  • Brown Aiva Bow Sandals

Sections to check on

  • Shoes (best in terms of both variety and prices)
  • Bags (recently a lot of awesome stuff has been added to this category)
  • Harems (they have some good lowers in this category)
  • Bath and Body (newly launched section)

My take on

  • The biggest reasons why I prefer is because of of the fastest delivery that they offer. One of my orders I also received in a day (I stay in Delhi)
  • The parcel comes nicely packed. Howsoever many products you order, they all come twice sepatayely pcked in the main Box.
  • I like the way they keep their customer informed. With every step that your order goes to, you get a message.

I had a little issue with the brown sandals (but they are ok, now that I am wearing them the fifth time. The Silver ones are totally killer.

Other Online shopping portals Reviewed:

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