Wool Celebrations

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As we all know Woolmark is the world’s best known textile fibre brand. The Woolmark brand is owned by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), a not-for-profit company owned by over 27,000 woolgrowers. AWI’s vision is to be a significant contributor to a vibrant, stable and profitable wool industry providing the world with the best natural fibre.



Wool is a 100% natural and renewable fibre. Merino wool provides stability, resilience, softness and luxury to the tailoring industry. The fibre has long been a favourite of designers, but younger consumers, born in an era of ‘disposable’ fashion know too little about the natural benefits. The fibre is soft and very different to work with. With tonnes of properties in the fibre that can produce some great results, it is in fact a wonder fibre to work with.

The Woolmark Company recently launched Wool Celebration’, a unique initiative to educate Indian consumers about the benefits and various attributes of Merino, the world’s finest wool. This initiative will help to increase awareness of wool and wool apparel among Indian consumers, in association with designers like Pankaj & Nidhi along with other leading brands. The aim is to create aspiration for wool fashion amongst target consumers who wish to live in style and luxury.

We recently witnessed some innovation done with Merino wool with a designer twist. The winners and the amazing designers, Pankaj and Nidhi have come out with an amazing collection for the season. The collection was Indian, wearable and very appealing. Sticking to their forte, “Colours”, they produced some amazing work with merino wool. The collection uses a breathtaking palette of monochromatic ornamental patterns that are inspired by baroque art in the Renaissance. Created in muted tones of cream, charcoal and black with standout stark contrasts in vivid green, electric blue and fuchsia, gives the garment a vibrant and strong presence.

Colorific India is our attempt to get all the latest in Colours for you. Colours because everything in life has a colour and those colours make life beautiful. From a brownie to a bag to a bun. From purple to white to green. Everything that is colourful is here.

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