Woodland Launches Autumn/Winter Collection 2011-12

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Woodland JacketWoodland has become a master in combining style and function. Yes, Woodland, the brand that the fathers, brothers, boyfriends and Husbands love. Though mostly this is how people talk about Woodland but here I would like to add that Woodland has a lot for the girls out there too. At least for people like me because I like some of their footwear way too much.  Woodland offers a wide range of footwear, apparels and accessories for men, women and kids. In fact, Woodland has recently added an outdoor yoga range, shoe care products and a premium formal wear brand Woods to its kitty. Isn’t that great? I just visited the Store in West Delhi and got to know about it.

The Autumn/Winter collection is a too die for. This collection has a lot to offer, be it, its variety of jackets (sleeveless, reversible, detachable, seam-sealed–water repellent, biker, windshield, lightweight) or warm sweat shirts, hoodies or T shirts. No wonder they are still going effortlessly strong. Their clothing is absolutely loved by the athletic lot as they create the ideal conditions while running, mountain biking, skating or generally upping the sweat meter. The collection offers a good windbreak and prevents from getting soaked from the inside out or the outside in.

Winter is totally a Woodland time. They have so much to offer for winters that you can possibly shop your entire wardrobe from here and still feel different things landing up in your closet. The apparels are made using a variety of materials, from 100% cotton to cotton/nylon/polyester blends, nylon taslan etc. The exquisite line of sweaters are knitted from a large variety of imported and specialized yarn, in order to be able to provide a very soft hand feel and add that extra layer of warmth to each and every one of them. The sweaters come in different weights for different weather conditions. The product is available in light weight which is perfectly suitable for a fresh hike in the mountains and to protect you against the toughest and coldest weather. To wrap it up, WOODLAND has everything in stock to keep you warm, or cool you down in all weather conditions.

Woodland offers a complete functional wardrobe in style, whether you face a cool breeze of autumn, have to endure tough and windy winters, or you are ready to welcome spring again. The versatility of these stylish clothing items, empowers everyone to embrace any kind of weather condition and enjoy nature. The jackets with removable thermal or quilted linings ensure you of a comfortable snug, while other jackets with detachable hoods or sleeves meet every level of comfort and complete safety around the chest and back area when facing challenging conditions. For extreme winter sports, Woodland provides jackets that understand the need not only for freedom of movement & airflow but also protection and comfort of the body. To top it all, the specialized sweaters with fleece are an absolute must have this winter. To sum up in one word, I seem to have fallen in love with the brand.

Like every unique piece of clothing, you want yours to stand out. Woodland’s varied range of color palette makes sure you will be seen no matter where you go or where you are. The colors obtained throughout the collection start from white, light pastels like pink, mint, yellow and lavender. Furthermore there is purple, ash grey, middle tone brights like red, blue and green, deep darks like wine, violet, navy, brown, gunmetal greys and black. For the ones who adore the soothing colors of nature, there are earthy tones like olive, mud grey, browns and shades of grey. Due to such varied offerings, Woodland today features on the shopping list of all including me. And yes, If you love Red and lavender. There is something totally awesome for you to check out. I grabbed them just in one look and I hope you too.

There are a few pics that I am attaching for you to see. Do let me know more about you shopping too.

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    I like your red color jacket i just buy from chandigarh

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