Winter Essentials By Neutrogena

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Winter is here and I am sure all of you must have taken those sweaters and jackets out to wear. But, what about your skin? Like your body, even your skin needs protection from the cold. Your body needs to be moisturized at all times and needs to be taken extra care off in this season. Dry skin is one of our major issues during winter season.Have you met #TheNorwegianThree yet by Neutrogena?

Get ready for the winters with healthy and soft skin with the Norwegian Formula® range – Hand Cream, Lip Moisturizer, and Body Moisturizer. Check out these three products by Neutrogena that will make your skin feel happy this winter.


  1. Neutrogena Body Moisturizer:

This moisturizer by Neutrogena is purely a bliss with amazing fragrance. It is very light at the same time ensures proper moisterization. Apply this body moisturizer by Neutrogena and notice the difference yourself. It not only protects you skin from drying up but also makes it soft.It is dermatologically tested and is ideal for use on normal to dry skin. It’s very important that you follow your skin care regime properly especially in this season.

Rs449 for 250ml



  1. Neutrogena Hand Cream:

Like your body, even your hands get dried up and become cold in winter. Apply this hand cream to keep your hand warm and soft at all times. Hands are one of the most used body part and hence this nutrient rich hand cream will ensure that your hands get the required nourishment too.

I am addicted to this hand cream. Just a pea sized amount is sufficient and to give make your hands soft and supple.This hand cream is Glycerin-rich.

The fragrance makes me use it twice or even thrice a day.

Rs 300/- for 56gms


  1. Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer:

Who doesn’t want nourished chapped free lips in winter? Apply this lip moisturizer before you apply your lipstick and see the change yourself. Your lips will no longer get dry and the shade of lipstick would come out much better. This lip Moisturizer is very sleek stick with ensures proper application. Leaves lips soft, smooth and moisturised. It is PABA-free and Fragrance-free

Rs 149/- For 5gms

These three products are really amazing to be used in winters and keep your skin soft and supple.





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