Wills Lifestyle Styling Event

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Akshita Jain

Wills Lifestyle recently conducted a styling event at their South Extension store in Delhi. This was an amazing event for all Delhi fashion bloggers and stylists. We, the fashion bloggers from Delhi got invites to the event to come and experience the Wills Lifestyle Spring Summer collection not just as a customer but as stylists.

This was one of my first experience as a stylist and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We glanced through the entire Men’s and Woman’s collection at the Wills Lifestyle store from the point of view of putting together outfits. It was one amazing day. I had fun with fellow bloggers around there too. Shaily, Komal and I spent the evening shopping in South ex and we missed Srish who left early that day.

Everyone came out with some brilliant styling and I really loved a lot of them around. I came running to the event straight from a meeting and hence was not carrying my styling kit apart from a golden neckpiece which happened to be in my bag. (saviour). The outfit that I choose “Chic Schoolgirl” . I gave the model, a base of red because i am over obsessed by the colour. I chose a red shirt, beige shorts and brown ankle length boots. The maroonish satchel only added to her schoolgirl look. This was my interpretation of her. I also wanted to create a “Bombsheel look” but obviously that could not have been done.

Have you checked out Wills Lifestyle’s Spring summer collection yet?


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