White Pepper Cleansing Milk By The Nature’s Co: Review

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white pepper cleansing milkI Say:  This is the only product by The Nature’s co whose Fragrance I did not like much. I guess it is too strong for me. It is from their range called “Atmospure” . I actually did not use it for a few days owing to the fragrance because I am sensitive to strong smells.

Anyways, once I used, I got used to and it’s been 20 days I am using it. It comes in a long bottle, like the one for Foot Mist. It is cute.

Not much to say about it but it has antiseptic and purifying properties. It works as a good cleanser for the face and neck. I did not see any signs of rashes or irritation. Yes, The best part is that it helps remove EYE MAKE-UP. The capitals for the mention say it all.

All cleansing milks claim the same but not all can take off the Kajals fully. This one does, so it has my recommendation

Repurchase: For Sure. It is a good cleanser

Price: Rs 345

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the PR for consideration but it has not affected my review.

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