What turns a woman off?

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Men have always been interested to know what is it that can turn women on and help them score brownie points with them. Though seldom do they tend to focus on what can easily turn women off; and yes there are a number of things that can turn them off quite easily. The trick is to know about those turn offs and work on them to not only make a good impression on your lady love but also those around you. Also all you ladies out there, don’t you wish someone could provide your beaus or potential beaus with tips on how to make their turn offs into turn ons. Haven’t we all dealt with that #MrPainful who made us want to disappear when we were around him .Now you need not fret over it anymore, as we have compiled a list to ease your agony so that very #MrPainful can turn into your prince charming:


1) Body Odor: The most essential thing is how you smell. No one likes a foul smelling person, leave alone your lady love. Bad body odor is a huge turn off for everyone around. You may look straight out of a fashion magazine but if you smell bad, women would be running to get away from you. Now there is no need to panic as this situation can be easily altered, there are a range of products to nip that problem in the bud. Invest in some personal hygiene items and you won’t have to worry about bad body odor ever.


2) Social Etiquettes : Remember those general manners taught to us by our parents and school. In some cases they seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Yes guys, women notice these things and they care about how you interact when you are out with them. A ‘please’ or a ‘thank you ‘and polite acknowledgment to waiters or bar/restaurant staff can elevate you to a whole new level in her eyes.


3) Be authentic : Lets face it guys we can all spot a fake , whether it’s a designer bag or a man.Keep your excessive flaunting to yourself, drop that lingo borrowed from your NRI cousins and stop flashing those fake brands that you are dressed in from head to toe. Being yourself is far more easier and women find it far more appealing.


4) Narcissist: Unfortunately, many of us have at least been out once on a date with a guy who wouldn’t just stop taking about himself. Guys you may think this is charming and think women find it fascinating to listen to your umpteenth number of achievements, but it’s not. Being confident and being self-obsessed are two different things, look it up in the dictionary. When you’re with her, give her a fair share of your attention, women love a good listener and not a narcissist who thinks he is a gift to all woman kind.


5) Body Grooming: You might still dig Anil Kapoors look from the 90’s but let me in you on a secret, nobody else digs it. It is not just a turn off, it’s gross. Firstly your overall appearance, a hairy man removing his shirt to take a dip in the pool or at the beach, not exactly a treat for the eyes.Intimacy also becomes a huge issue for a woman with a guy who is careless about his personal hygiene. Now if excessive body hair is the problem, it can be easily dealt with by proper grooming. The aisle of your nearest market is where you should head and stock up on grooming stuff. Get rid of that fur coat hugging your skin and emerge out as confident young man and be ready to woo not your lady love.

All the points mentioned above are neither difficult nor impossible rather noting them and practicing in your life can make you a real prince charming. For body grooming recently Philips has introduced a groomer which can really make life easier and less painful.

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