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Now, shop from to satiate your love for shopping. One more new place to shop from is here! Doesn’t the internet look like a heaven for us shopaholics. All great things available almost 5 clicks away. Wow, that’s like a deal! Recently, I got introduced to a new website for us shopaholic women, . I liked it a much and here are some things about that you should know. They also sent me a black bag for review that I shall be showing you super soon with a post but for now. Head to and grab some super cool stuff.

1. The website says that the products reach us in a 48 hours time and they stick by their words. Amazing. (I did get mine before the 48 hours ended)

2. Selective but good collection.

3. Affordable and believable prices

They have  30 Day return policy. review

Now, here is what I liked the most from and got. A big black bag. This bag is an essential. A big black bag can be carried to the office or college daily. This one is great enough to carry a laptop too. Here are some pictures of the bag that the guys from sent me.

Peppercloset Bag

Black bag from

Black Bag

Big Black Bag

I really liked this one. In fact, I liked a lot of bags there. Here are some bags that I recommend you can have a look too from

Orange Bag

White and Black Clutch

Awesome Bag

Leopard texture purse

All these bags are under Rs 2000 and could be an amazing buy. I love the quality of the bag that I got. In fact, many a times, we see something else and receive smaller/bigger products but they are totally selling some super cool stuff.

Have you been to ? Bought something or have you reviewed Do share you thoughts with us on the website and we would love to hear.

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