We Skip it and they asked us why- #BreakfastWithTropic

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In the fast running daily life, when we hardly get quality time for ourselves, we miss out on a lot of things. One of the most important things that we miss and hardly care about is our #breakfast. They say, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” but do we really follow that?

Students who attend schools and colleges hardly get time, professionals always complain of timelines and parents never find time for themselves. What everyone misses amidst et al is the extremely important component of our daily meals; #Breakfast. Of all the benefits that eating a heavy and nutritious breakfast have, it also makes one lose weight. (Doesn’t that make breakfast actually important?)

Tropicana with their #BreakfastWithTropicana tried to reinforce the same though again. Tropicana recently invited Digital Media & Food influencers over a breakfast at the Hotel Lalit. The event was organized to not only talk of how important your first meal of the day is but also how “Tropicana” does play an integral part in the #Breakfast. So, over a sumptuous Breakfast, the Trop guys got us together and made sure that no one skipped breakfast that day.

They treated us with lavish and healthy breakfast options and engaged us over some fun discussion, quick activities and a small twitter contest. I and Bestie @Indianrockers also teamed up for the first ice breaker activity.

The most interesting part about the entire event was the contest, #Skippedbreakfastbecause, it really got some fun answers where people shared various funny and funky reasons on why skipping breakfast had become a regime. I shared a few too though they were some super funny ones and mine couldn’t match a few tweets and their wit. I was actually pretty happy as I had started my day early on a holiday (which never really happens) and did quite heavy a breakfast.

Some pictures from the event. Image Credit: Tropicana Facebook Page


Breakfast Table

Harmanjit speaking


For more visit here :Facebook Tropicana India

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