#VenusIsMe: An Ode to the Confident ME

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Dance to the tunes of madness, love & Life.

Celebrate because you want to.

Smile because of who you are.

This is ME!

The ME collection by @mandirabedi is certainly about who you actually are. It is for the woman who likes to live on her own terms, who does not like to live behind any bars of the society and does not want anyone to define what she wears. She is as confident in a saree and walks down the aisle in a skirt with the same zeal in her eyes. She is ME!

Walk with life and drape with confidence because you can create your own style and make people follow the way you sway with every drape. The ME collection came across as a great way to for the woman of today to defy of bars set by the society. Gillette Venus gives you the power to be ready to ramp and rock the world. While you don’t have to worry about those tiny little stands of hair, this collection was an even better booster for those who like something different. Why wear what everyone wears at a concert, This ME collection is your take at something different. Together ME and Gillette Venus gives you the power of your own, different and new choice of apparel for whatever occasion you want and wish.


Helping you to express what you want and giving you the choice and freedom of expression anytime and every time, Gillette Venus has been a girls dear friend. It is now in my bag always!



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