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I have been quite lazy in some outfit posts in the recent. As I always say, it is all about how we incorporate trends in our everyday style. Styling is an everyday activity which every girl loves to do. We play around with trends in our own way. “Minimal”is something that has always worked for me. I do not like to go all dressy and decked up because that is simply not me. I love simple colours, accessories and minimal makeup. I am sure many girls would also go by this. This post is a simple outfit that I wore to a friends birthday. I look a bit tired in in the pictures as we took them after 2 hours of decorating the Birthday Boy’s house.

Why Blue:

Because blue is a color that never dies. Blue is an essential and has a place in almost all wardrobes. From a blue denim to a skirt to a shirt or a bag, you will find a hue of the color quite often around you. Blue also if worn as a shirt or a top has it’s own tone that lends light to the face. (in layman language looks one look a t0ne lighter)

I have been sticking around with this bohemian skirt for quite sometime now. I did not really got a chance to wear it because I thought that it made me look healthier. A few days back when my aunt gifted me this snake

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print blouse, I just tried pairing them up and voila, I loved it. Not only did it hide the extra (mummy love and care) but also went perfectly with the skirt. The blouse is a statement in itself. I stopped myself from wearing any accessory over this combo as for me the print did the trick. I wanted to feel light and comfortable and the blouse in itself was quite good a choice.

The initial styling that I wanted to go for this was a basic white tee and a statement piece. Perhaps I shall do that sooner now.

Akshita Jain

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I don’t really like to pose, nor do I think that it is needed in everyday pictures. It is just how I am!

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