Top Five Ways Of Wearing Neon

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Neon is the  hot favorite this spring  summer. Fashionistas  try and make the best possible  use in of neon colours be it in there dresses,bags,accessories or make up.Try wearing neon in a perfect and proper way to make you look beautiful and stunning.  The best ways to get that elegant and spooky look are-

Neon colour in Nail paints

With a white or neutral outfit neon colour nail paint is the best option.It will not only give your hands a proper definition but also make them look the best and different.nail art with neon colours will give your nails the best look.



Neon colour Dresses  

For that trendiest and smartest look, fashionistas can try out this summer different coloured neon dresses.A combination of Pink,purple or tangerine will give the best and different look. Wear neon in such a way so as to balance your total look. If worn properly and with apt make up,it will surely make the heads turn.





Neon colour in Eye shadow

Applying neon colours in eye shadows will definitely give you a different and better look. A combination of different colours like purple,pink,tangerine will give a glamorous look. Even with neutral oufit a eye make up of this kind will definitely look amazing.

Your eye make up in neon will make others eyes blink. Try it and see the difference.

Neon colour  shoes

Neon colour shoes will add gleam to the glamour. Orange ,green or opting for coral coloured shoes or ballerinas will add a grace  to your look. Try out different combinations or coloured ballerinas and see a overall change in your personality.

Neon colour in Lip Paints

Lip paints not only gives you a different look but also the colour of the lip paint makes a impact on the overall personality.Trying out tangerine or yellow or purple lip paint will definitely add a oomph to your look. This summers one can see a lot of different and trendy neon colours in latest fashion.

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