Top 5 Footwear Picks from Flipkart

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2014 has ushered on a bright note. It has brought with it new colors and styles to stay for the season. While, I am gearing up for a super close wedding (cousin gets married this month end) in the family, it is at times a bit difficult to manage both work and Shopping. The reason why I have specifically mentioned shopping is because, everyday, I have to head to a certain market/shop for footwears, clothes, more clothes, gifts etc and etc. These leave no time for work and my phone keep buzzing all the time. Anyhow, for the shopping that I have just spoken about, I have bought home bling, sequins and more shimmery stuff. Casual wear shopping had taken a back seat because I headed out shopping, priorities were the ceremonies and their attires.

I decided to shop online (probably everyone’s friend when time is a constraint). With this, I am also sharing about a series that I will be writing about the Top 5 Picks from all the brands that I have shopped from these days. Starting today, everyday I will be sharing Top 5 Picks from my favorite cosmetics and accessory brands.

Coming back to online shopping, I headed to Flipkart because I needed an urgent delivery and Flipkart wins over their instant deliveries. I was looking for some party/casual shoes for a new dress that I had scored recently. There were numerous styles and brands to choose from and I loved to have everything at one place. I have been keeping extremely busy and that fact that I could just browse for 15 minutes and get to that one perfect pair on the website was amazing. I picked up a bronze buckled up sandal for myself to pair up with my new dress. I liked the shoe a lot and the best part was that, I found it one the first page itself, (time saved even further).

That I had started to browse and scroll the womens section of flipkart and as it was shoes, I devoted a 20 more minutes to it. I got down to finally selecting 5 of these picks that I would rate as good pairs for 2014. These 5 basically are pieces that I can readily add to my wardrobe. 5 Footwears that will surely add that edge to every look. These are perfect pieces under Rs 2500.

5 Footwear Picks from Flipkart

This is not the first time that I have shopped from Flipkart and there is surely a reason that I have got back to Flipkart when I needed something. Flipkart is quick and has a great range of stuff to choose from. Eagerly waiting for my shoes now.

When was the last time that you shopped from Flipkart, share with us your experiences too.

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