Tommy Hilfiger Store Review: Spring Summer Collection

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tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer collection

Hey All, I know I am posting after long but now I guess I shall be regular, I do hope at least. So, I finally took out some time this Sunday for some cool and refreshing fun. I was away work this Sunday and I loved that. I went to Select City walk, Saket, it is one of my favourites places to be.

tommy Hilfiger 2012 collection

I checked out many stores there as shopping is inevitable in any plan of mine. I am sharing a few snaps of Tommy Hilfiger. I had been planning to buy a bag from Tommy Hilfiger and so I thought to finally get it this time. I headed to the store and found a lot of colours, pastels, neons, shorts, an awesome blazer, wallets (Oh, I so love them) and also checked out Tommy’s new beach wear and swim wear.

White shirt from Tommy Hilfiger

Like the collection? Have you visited them yet? Every one has been loving and craving for Blazers. I even saw a Royal blue blazer there. This blazer was a it different from the ones that everyone has. I tried it out to. Want to check it out? Head to my Facebook page

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