To Style a Coloured Denim

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Akshita Jain at the Inidan Fashion Summit

My tryst with Trousers and pants continue. So, have been seeing some posts here on styling Statement printed pants, conventional black trousers, Pleated beige pants and so on and this one has a skinny Pink one as a motif. You might can call is obsession with pants but I call it simplicity. These are my go to outfit. Anyhow, this post is not on how to put together a heavily accessorized outfit but is on how to get your combinations right and look appropriate and confident with minimum or no accessories. This is the outfit that I wore for the Indian Fashion Summit 2012. (All pictures have me looking sleepy and tired. These were clicked at the end of a whole long day and I was too tired to touch up or put any more makeup.. Phew)

akshita jain in a Fabullosos Shirt

To Style a Coloured Denim:

1. A denim or any colour would go best with White (not black) . So, whether you are wearing blue, red, pink or even mint green, if you are in a doubt wear a white shirt/top/tunic with it.

2. You can make your outfit look formal or chic with a Blazer. Here I wore a Blazer for a formal look. (Did it work? )

3. Wedges and High heels all would look great with a coloured denim. I would say avoid flats, if you are wearing a skinny from the purpose of looking tall. If you are already too tall, then you can opt for flats.

4. If you are not going for a heavy on accessory Look, then you you can carry a bag that is either blingy or different. In my case I carried a bag with a different kind of print. See, the face prints here.

5. Please avoid wearing any kind of Kurtis on Colored denims. You have much more that you can Play around with.


Akshita Jain Colorific Fashion Blogger


I am Wearing:

Classic White Shirt: fabulloso!

Face Frenzy Clutch: fabulloso!

Ring: Krucarnations

Red Wedges: Metro Shoes


Akshita Jain Fashion Blogger


Shopping from fabulloso!

Most of you who have been reading my blog and following my Facebook page know that I recently shopped from fabulloso! to a great experience. Here is just a little note to that.

1. As I mentioned earlier they have a fabulous delivery time. Why I am writing this is because currently, I have orders and reverse orders pending from two websites and it has been time.

2. Fabulloso is going to capture your heart with their totally Fabulous packing. I still have the box I received my stuff from. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

3. The Face Frenzy Clutch is really nice. My mother was actually a bit apprehensive when I showed her the picture and thought that the clutch could be shady but she too loved it. The clutch looks good. The Faces (which is why I chose it) actually look really different. For me the clutch was the “X” factor in my outfit.

4. The shirt was again great on Quality. The reason why I bought a classic white shirt online was because I had immense back ache and was trapped at home with limited laptop use. I needed a white shirt as I was planning to wear it for the Indian Fashion Summit 2012. These are times when Online shopping comes handy. I saw the shirt and Fabulloso and chose it. It fits perfectly. It is different as it has bigger cuffs. I will try a different post with that soon. The shirt has already been washed twice and it is the same, no SHRINK!


Face Frenzy Fabulloso Clutch



darling Red wedges


Indian Fashion Summit


For this post I would like to thanks Mr Vinod Kumar, the awesome Vogue photographer who we trouble everytime for pictures and he is sweet enough to click us and Bhawna who clicked some awesome pictures for me. In all making my post this. Thanks!

(I had intended not to wear any makeup for the day and was not even putting a lip colour but it was Bhawna who made me put the Orange lipstick by Colorbar- my favourite)

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