Thick Soled Shoes

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It was high time that the brand gave their men a height. Yes, the year 2011 saw some really cool thick soled shoes for guys. Some pieces which are too die for. These shoes not only add height but also style. I came across a few pairs and a few brands who experimented with them and I am sharing this with you all.

Burberry thick soled shoes


The perfect gentlemen shoe, yes, that’s how I call it. Calf length tassel loafers with high sole is what they offer us this season. The shoe has impeccable detailing and talks of some high street fashion. This according to me was the best piece of thick soled shoe.

prada shoes


Prada has made some of its most beautiful shoes with this collection. Catch a pair if you wish to be different and elegant. It was introduced in their summer/spring 2011 collection and I guess is here to stay for long. It stands in the queue to be one of Prada’s most iconic shoes of all. This luxurious piece is a different touch that Prada has given onto the simple men shoes.



Safety sole and the thick sole are two highlights of this classic beauty. All those who have been a fan of Timberland would have already fallen in love with its Fall 2011 collection and to those who have never used it might get addicted now. This shoe makes a simple classic shoe a luxury to own.

tommy hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy, out of all happens to be the place where I end up shopping the most. Talking about their thick sole shoes what caught my eye from their collection was combat boots with thick and high white sole. It is a piece which allows us to play round with colours and textures a lot. It is a piece of beauty. All the guys reading this right now rush to the stores and check them out.



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