The Southern Sway

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Getting together the beauty of South India is Shweta Puthran with her new collection ‘Southern Sway’. The collection is an effort to interpret the exhilarating beauty of Southern India through traditional architectural science prints and the mesmerizing landscapes. Shweta sees South India as a thought and brings it alive embedding her concepts in this collection.

The collection can be called as a tribute to the beauty called South India. It comes across as a fresh and great recall of our sartorial roots. With colors that speak a story and patterns that explain a mystic alive, ‘Southern Sway’ is the pride of loving the land.  Being Shweta’s perspective of the glory that South India is, the collection is certainly a great way to portray our cultural ecosystem on the modern radar. ‘Southern Sway’ rejoices the splendor of the human body exemplified with the rich heritage of South India.

The vibrancy of the colors makes her come across as a great Style revivalist. The way in which her collection adorns the beauty of the landscapes clearly showcases her love for the nature.

The colours schemes used in the garments – Oxblood, Marcella, Mustard, Grey, Mauve, Nude, Taupe, Olive Green, Midnight Blue, Black – draw their inspirations from the mesmerizing mountain ranges, lush greens of the Southern region, and the sandy-shell beaches that lace South India. To achieve a resort/cruise wear look the fabrics used are Silk Habutai, Flat Chiffon, Cotton Silk, Cotton Satin, Neoprene and Scuba.

The collection represents an unbinding spirit of a passionate soul and reflects the personality of a heritage that we have always been proud of. I absolutely love how she treated layering in resort wear and gave it an edge of celebration. The collection truly stands out and creates a unique Fashion story with every thread embedded in it. It drums the song of ecstasy and comtemporizes  the beautiful culture of the state land with many mysteries.  To me it seemed like flattering silhouettes with elements of nature, landscapes, asymmetry and more. Flattering the nature I mean and who does not like to connect back to where it all began.

Know The Designer:

About ShwetaPuthran:

Bridging her strong fashion – marketing sensibilities into design, ShwetaPuthran now launches her eponymous label ‘ShwetaPuthran’. The first look of the collection named ‘Southern Sway’ will be revealed at the India Beach Fashion Week in Goa.

Born in a South Indian township Kundapur, she carried with her the South Indian legacy to Mumbai from over Milan and UAE having established herself as a designer, holding steadfast to her roots. Shweta believes that be it a strongly structured or a free flowing garment, it should adorn a woman like the outer layer of her skin – comfortable and yet powerful. This amalgamation of a passionate and strong personality, and Shweta’s eternal love for SouthIndia is what inspires her signature collection – Southern Sway. shoot pic 2 shoot pic 1

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