The Nature’s Co-Cranberry Exfoliating Body Wash

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I Say-Hey Fellas!

Today I am going to review Cranberry Exfoiliating body wash (for dry skin).This is from the Foressence range of The nature’s Co.I guess the best product to pamper yourself from top to toe and with its awesome fragrance, experience the beauty of natural ingredients in the best combination.I did use a lot of body washes of different brands but a body wash with a mild scrub, the combination is great and experience is wonderful. It has now became my sister’s favorite.The Kiwi seeds and walnut grits works wonders as a scrub but don’t get confused, it does forms lather. Its fragrance would surely make you use it again.After using it one can easily notice a difference in the skin.The  skin really becomes clean and soft.It gives you a very refreshed feeling .The brand  nature’s co. offers you the best of the quality products. Try it and do share your experiences with us.

The product claims

This Exotic Cranberry is a great antioxidant that protects the skin from the stress caused by sunlight. Apart from nourishing, it helps to improve moisture & facilitates smoothness. Kiwi seeds & Walnut grits gently exfoliate the skin leaving smooth & renewed.

Directions to use

In the shower or bath, spread the scrub over your entire body. Rub it in to exfoliate and rinse well.It will leave you feeling smooth all over.


Cranberry Extract

Walnut Grits

Kiwi seeds



Natural ingredients .

Amazing Fragrance( Cranberry).I just loved it almost like a cranberry pudding.

Leaves your body velvety soft.

The grits in the body wash adds the benefit of scrub.It is very gentle on skin.

The Packaging is cute.

Perfect for dry skin. You don’t have a dry feel after using it.

The consistency of the body wash is also up to the mark. it is not that free flow.


Yes, a bit expensive but the best way to pamper your skin with the best of natural ingredients.Thumbs up for that.

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Repurchase:Yes.Especially during winters to make my skin velvety soft

Price: Rs.845 for 250 ml(  lasts long )

Rating:4 /5

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the PR for consideration but it has not affected my review.



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