The Common Room- Review

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The Common room is a new pub in the heart of West Delhi, Rajouri Garden. It serves an  ideal combination of Good Food & Great Music. I really liked the presentation of the food and The best part that distinguishes their food from other is It has Indian Twist Looking at the menu of The common room, one can easily say that they give you the choice of food with amazing flavors and style of presentation. Not only the food, ambiance equally interesting is the menu with has dishes like Puraani Dilli Kulcha Roll, North Campus ka pasta,  Keema Pav,  Lovers point Pizza that reminds you of your collage days or would definitely take you to the memories you would love to think of. I find menu quite interesting with catchy names. The place is made with every attempt to make you feel like you are sitting in your own room. It also has a balcony. The concept is unique. I find it one of the best place where you can sit with your friends relax and enjoy good food.
The decor is rustic with amazing paintings and light effect.The ambiance is refreshing and lively. The decor on the other side will never make you forget this restaurant, which depicts a totally different story It has racks filled with books and other interesting things like tape recorder,cola bottle and what not.
 Crispy Nachos topped with salsa sauce were amazing. Also worth mentioning was mushrooms filled with spinach and topped with cheese. We also tried our hands on onion rings and they were also very crisp.
The Common Room is the next big Bachelor’s Destination, even if one is not one can always feel like a bachelor & the only place to have relaxed evenings with friends and family with Live singing performances everyday.
 The Common room offers the common man’s meal in the menu and have got dishes like Raastey ka Omellete, Puraani Dilli Kulcha Roll, North Campus ka pasta,  Keema Pav,  Lovers point Pizza, Meat ki Jugalbandi,Rogan Josh & The Common Room Tiffin Boxes to name a few. 
This is the place where budding singers get the chance to make the evening at The Common room worth remembering. It is a very  nice initiative by Dinesh Arora.
Dinesh Arora at the launch says “Tum mujhe Talent do, Main tumhe Stage doonga ” (You show me your singing talent and I will give you a platform to perform”. He further adds “I am extremely delighted to launch this Musical project of mine and The Common Room will be one stop pub for all Music lovers.  We will give a great dining & lounging experience to all food & wine connoisseurs, not only this we have planned plethora of musical gigs for our guests in coming months to come”
We recommend The Common Room – Food with Indian Twist, Good Hospitality, Great Ambiance
Rating 4.5/5
The Common Room 
Address: J2/6B, Second Floor, BK Dutta Market, Rajouri Garden, Delhi
Meal for two: INR 2000

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