Tarani’s Low calorie Kitchen-TLC

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TLC Kitchen provides you with numerous and innovative  meal options for a healthy Living. Designed and crafted by the Nutritionist and Chef on board to Pamper you with great tasting, healthy, convenient food. It’s portion controlled, flash frozen, ready to heat and eat, made with the best quality ingredients, in hygienic conditions , preservative free.

The highlighting features of TLC Kitchen are:

It provides calorie controlled meals so one doesn’t have to count on calories.

The meals are fresh frozen ready to heat and eat made with the best quality ingredients in hygienic conditions.

The meals are preservative free.

Meal plans are created by the in-house dietician and expert nutritionist keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements.

The menu offers fairly diverse options for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and satiate a sweet tooth.

















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The USP of TLC Kitchen is customized meal plans. The luxury of choosing your meal, and having someone else take on the responsibility of making sure it is healthy sounded too good to be true! It takes away all the stress from having to plan meals, buy fresh ingredients and cook them at home.  TLC Kitchen has a team of 20-25 people including chefs, nutritionists, and logistics. She has 3000sq. ft HACCP Certified Kitchen.















The food is delivered twice a week in a temperature controlled box with insulated material to keep meals at the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

TLC offers 4 meal plans-

1) Weight Management
2)Diabetic Friendly
3)Healthy Heart Program
4) Calorie Controlled

The visionary behind the unique concept of TLC Kitchen is  Tarani Kapur
Tarani Kapur, Founder and CEO of Tarani Low Calorie (TLC) Kitchen is a dynamic entrepreneur with a vision to go against all the myths of not eating and losing weight.  Her vision and enterprise have been the driving force for TLC Kitchen, a brave new concept in healthy eating.

Tarani is an alumni of Modern School New Delhi and later took up Textile Designing at Pearl Academy of fashion then went to RMIT University in Melbourne and qualified as a textile designer.

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