Tangerine Tango-The colour of 2012

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“Tangerine Tango” is the colour which will be in limelight for this spring summer2012.Throughout the season one can notice how this colour will rule over the mind of fashionistas.Pantone color Institute chose this colour(Tangerine Tango ) as the colour of 2012. The selection of the colour deponds on many criteria be it socio economic conditions or the upcoming trends.This reddish orange colour symbolizes energy. Whether one is talking about the traditional Indian outfits or Western Dresses this colour will be the first choice.To add further this colour is not just confined to Indian or western wear. A dash of Tangerine Tango in the accessories would make you the attraction of the party.The biggest advantage of this colour is that it goes well with all most all colours except a few.Pastel orange shades or shoes can be a good option for those who want to use this colour in different ways.A dazzling tangerine clutch with a yellow dress or blue dress will be a  superb combination.

Not to forget this shade can also be noticed even in Nail Paints and Lip paints and I guess will became huge hit in the Fashion industry this time. 

Even if one is talking about Home Decor then one can use this colour in variety of ways be it we are talking about cushion covers,bed spreads,table covers,flowers or anything that is the highlighting feature of your home. This color will almost rule everywhere in 2011.

So get your hands ready to try different options were in Tangerine the colour of 2012 fits the best.




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