Swatch Launches Scuba Libre Collection

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Building something both for utility and for style, Swatch does it again. Swatch recently launched their Scuba Divers collection of watches and with this collection they have added a very important yet trendy accessory to the sport. With that infusion of bright colors and great contrasts the Scuba Libre Collection is a much needed and trendy boon for the divers and also a great new piece to play with for the fashion frenzy audience.

These Swatch Scuba watches are not just for divers but for the rest of us too. Representing a true high street Yorker with those brilliant colours, the collection has some nice pieces that we can add to our collection. The USP of the collection not only being the style but the affordability as well, it is something that is surely not going to hurt your pocket. A brilliant under Rs 5,000 pick, I would say it is definitely worth a try.

The new Scuba Libre Collection does give water fans what they want, of course. Big, bold indicators in high-contrast colours are easy to read when swimming with the fish in the wonder of life undersea. Hands-on, rotating bezels and snug, rugged silicone straps do the rest.


But for visionaries on dry land, it’s the look that counts – sexy and sea-worthy at the same time. So three of the new models open up the dial to show coloured movements in translucent cases, and the eye-candy colours are trending now, too. And for the urban gentleman who’s secretly mad about the sea, more models speak openly of his passion. Brash, competent and supremely confident, a real sailor knows what he wants – and gets it, underwater and above.



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