#SummerSpecial: Tupperware Mickey Ice Tups

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Girls can always have fun even in scorching heat , you know why? Because that it is how they rock and roll. They know how to create magic in their kitchen and make exotic yet healthy feasts. From pajama parties to birthday bash to hosting a kitty party they are best hosts. With there unique ideas and presentation techniques they know how to win hearts. This blog of mine is a summer special feature of one such recipe that would add an exotic twist to fruits or smoothies in minutes.

With temperature soaring to 45 degrees, I would always recommend trying some homemade healthy magical options that you would love to eat in summers or while partying. Tupperware brings to you its #SummerSpecial – Mickey Ice Tups set for a cool and healthy summer treat! 

The highlighting benefits of Mickey Ice Tups are:

  1. One can make fruity, juicy and Chocolaty icy lollies.
  2. Trying out filling this Ice tups with Chocolate/coffee and enjoy a chocolicious/coffeelicious treat.
  3. Fill them with fruit juice, squash, fruit purée, and anything you feel like to make healthy, nutritious lollies. One can also add pieces of fruits in the fruit puree.
  4. These Ice lollies are healthy and refreshing.

How to Prepare Ice Lollies:

  1. Easy to fill, simple to seal, quick to freeze.
  2. To prepare, place tup in the tray, fill to within 1 cm from the top to allow for expansion in the freezer, press on the cover carefully, then slip in the stick
  3. There’s Mickey with yellow heads on the sticks which are such fun to hold.
  4. Freeze until solid and keep handy in the freezer, ready for treats at any time.
  5. It is so easy to remove the ice lolly from the tup.
  6. The colourful tray holds the ice tups safely upright and it can even be used as an ice tray.

The set comprises of :

6 Tups with covers,

8 Sticks with the handles representing Mickey’s face, and

1 Tray.

Doesn’t this look like a summer treat? I made watermelon and Mango lollies and they were simply amazing. With these Mickey Ice tups one can very easily make a healthy summer dessert which would definitely ensure that your party ends on a sweet note.

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