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Akshita Jain at Strands Salon

My Experience:

On 3rd October  I visited the Strands salon n spa. We were welcomed by the whole team of   Strands salon n spa in a very warm way. They showed us the entire Salon area and also the Strands academy. I decided to try out to different set of Hair do’s . The staff was really very courteous  and  patient enough to handle my questions (I asked like so many of them). I was  quite interested in trying out different hair styles on my face, it was both fun and interesting. Below you can have a look at my hair styles that were craved by the people at Strands .

My First look

We decided to first try a bun. I must really say that the stylist (Grace Jindal), who made the bun it is a real perfectionist.

Hair bun

The bun which she made  was so neat even without a hair spray (I fret to use chemicals on my hair). I really loved that look on me. I was totally looking different and pretty as usual.

Hair bun

They helped me in clicking the pictures also. It was also fun being there.

Hair bun

The Side look of the Bun. The front look of the Bun is shown in the first Pic 🙂

My Second look

This Tonged hair look is really amazing and they showed  2-3 different looks with my tonged hair. Loved it so totally. Doesn’t it look like the Ek do teen Madhuri hair do?

Tonged hair

Pros That I noticed In Strands Salon-n-spa 

1. Nice Decor

2. Co operative and well trained staff.

3. Reasonable Prices with good quality service and products used.

4. Would Love to go again probably for some other service.

5. Proper cleanliness standards were maintained. Which I really loved.

And yes, Nice coffee.


Tonged hair look

The Strands salon is celebrating their anniversary and they have special anniversary packages at great Prices. So, those who really want to pamper themselves, then Strands could be a great option for you.

Soon they are coming up with their another Salon in Patel Nagar!

(Which is quite near to my place Yayyy. A few more posts with the Strands Hair do would be up soon)

Strands Team
                                                     (Strands Salon-n-Spa Team, Dwarka)
About Strands salon-n-Spa
Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd. a leading salon chain having salons by the name of Strands (flagship of Matrix america’s Number 1 salon brand) and Strands Lounge (collaboration of L’Oreal) has been immensely successful needless to say, being an associate to huge brand like “L’Oreal” and“Matrix”.

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