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Humor, lifestyle, fashion and pure fashion, Big CBS is something every girl would find something common in. Feel the love with Big CBS! Big CBS is definitely not any new store that I am talking about but a channel that I am sure every girl would love to watch.

If you too are someone who is frequent with Sex and the City, Everybody loves Raymond, America’s Got Talent and  then I am sure you would associate with what you read further. Haven’t Raymond’s jokes made you laugh too? Isn’t it pure fun when you see him crack and create jokes even in the toughest situations in the show? Daily life in style is what you will find at Big CBS. Whether you would want to see a mad chic, a classy diva, a clumsy professional or the life of a top model, the channel is ready with a great mixture of some amazing sitcoms. I have been regular with Everybody loves Raymond for a while and all for the season that I find it funny and light after the never ending work schedule that I have. I first saw the channel at a friend’s house and then caught its tune via YouTube. Sadly, the channel does not air via Tata Sky and I am sure that my Dad is going to laugh at the idea of switching away from Tata Sky for this reason. I pretty much am able to catch up the series via YouTube as well but viewing it via a comfortable home theatre would have definitely taken my eyes away from the laptop at least for a while after work. I often also catch up with some single episodes for some small bites of laughter. I mean, trust me audition episodes of America’s Got Talent will make you go nuts (no puns intended). For me these shows are a great way of laughing after creating social media strategies all day, plus who would not like to see some amazing clothes and great international trends.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City

I end up shopping many times after I even see the trailers (do not ask what I earn, I badly splurge all my dad’s hard earned money). And with this I have to say that a whole new series of my favorite products shall be up Colorific very soon. I have been shopping a lot these days and am putting together this series for all the followers soon.

Only if Tata Sky sees this, please add up the channel in your bouquet because my dad is seriously not switching away from Tata Sky.

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