Sponsored Posts

If you think that a sponsored post on an Indian Fashion Blog can boost your brand, Label or E-commerce, then you can write to us for the same and we can plan a sponsored post or a series of sponsored post for you. We can work together for your brand in terms of creating visibility on our platform.

Rules to publishing Sponsored Posts on Indian Fashion Blog

  • We do not publish hate speech.
  • We will work out sponsored posts to raise your brand to our users but not to bring any other related brand down.
  • We do not publish any spammy, nude or illegit content in the blog (even if you pay us a good amount of Dollars.

Disclosure of Sponsored Posts:

  • We generally disclose all sponsored materials as such so that our readers can distinguish between the same. We would not want to flood our readers with sponsored and paid distributions.
  • We can also opt for keeping your sponsored posts secret if you wish to but that would happen only if your brand suits our audience fully. If we feel that your brand is genuinely apt for your audience, we will keep the entire campaign undisclosed.
Please Note:
Rates for any kind of Sponsored post can be discussed. Kindly write to us at akshita@cupidspeaks.com to discuss the same. You can also have a look at Cupid speaks. – our Magazine incase you would want to discuss campaigns for more than one web blog.