Shopping Tips For Girls

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Shopping Tips

Shopping!!! That’s the word which actually makes stars sparkle for people like you and me. Shopping is great, Shopping is fun and shopping is a great stress buster, Shopping actually is also a great anti-depressant according to studies. I have loved shopping in Delhi to the core.

We all love to shop and shop best. We want to get the best without hurting our pockets. We want the best to land to our closets and all this means a lot to us.

Just felt like sharing a few tips with fellow shoppers on how to shop and what to do when to shop

Never plan your shopping. Such a plan never works. You often find things which are not on your list and have a great buy.

Avoid shopping with your credit card. It could be the most fatal thing that can happen with you.

Try and buy as many colors as you can. Keep this in mind while buying stuff because half of us end up filling our wardrobes with black or pink.

Bargain!! Yes, that the word. Never hesitate to bargain while out for street shopping. If good at that, you can end up having some Super awesome pieces.

Invest in things like watches, blazers, shoes and trousers. These are timeless and very classy. SALE time can help you have great picks and these would stay for long.

Heels are a big “No” while going for shopping. They might just ruin for shop to shop experience.

Never go shopping with a guy. They may actually spoil it all by over bargaining, acting irritating and urging to leave shopping. Instead take your mom or your bestie for shopping. They would know exactly what to do.

While buying footwear do not go for cheap ones. Investing in shoes is a good option. They set the ball rolling and are an investment for sure.

Try your footwear well before buying because spending 10 minutes more in the store is better than shoe bites later.

Think twice before buying something, a more reasonable version can be available somewhere else too.

Don’t just buy clothes for the sake of the brand; buy clothes for the fit and the look. A great fit can make a plain white shirt do wonders.

And Yes street shopping can land with you some very hot and cheap items.

Lastly just shop and have fun because at the end it only makes you HAPPIER.


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