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Qvendo Contest

I recently participated in Qvendo’s Valentine Day Contest. They asked us to make a polyvore of accessories from their store. Though I never knew how to make a polyvore but I still did my best. I am sharing two Polyvores that I made for the contest. By the way, you guys can enter the contest here

Qvendo always has a lot of weekly sales which has awesome stuff to buy at prices we will love. Have a look here . This ensemble that I made is a nude colour with blacks. According to me, black looks best when combined with a trend.

The dress I chose is a Joana Danciu Dress Anna Beige. I love this colour. If worn in a good way it can make the same impact as Red.

The Flip Flop silver cluch which I recently got from Qvendo (shall be featured in a special post soon) is my hot favorite.

I have kept everything else black to enhance the outfit.

Guess black heart and star earrings. I am sure they add to the cuteness.

The D&G watch, which a favorite too, is a must go and great go with all ensembles. Anyone hearing? this watch is on my wishlist.

I chose the Black heels because I wanted to keep all blacks in alteration in the ensemble.

The neckpiece is also a Guess piece from Qvendo only because it fits well.

I am trying my hand at Polyvores. How is it/

I have a few more Ideas for Valentines.

*Red Hot Lipsticks would add a lot of attention to you. It gives you an edgy look.

*A Blue dress could look different and amazing.

*Whites will always look great on V Day

*Tangerine Lip color would add that little chic factor to you

*Blue Nail Paint is a turn ON

*Yellow Clutch could be something different in your hands

And a big Smile is all you need on Valentines

Colorific India is our attempt to get all the latest in Colours for you. Colours because everything in life has a colour and those colours make life beautiful. From a brownie to a bag to a bun. From purple to white to green. Everything that is colourful is here.

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