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Zara Shoes

I Love Winters because the winters bring Boots and I love them. I am sure many of us do. Even men love Boots (the ones who are confident enough to carry them) . Every season has a lot to say about footwear and thanks to the biggies who experiment on these and give us the trends. Though a lot comes in and goes out, come winters and come boots. My cravings for a few new pairs have also started.

Zara as always had fabulous options to choose from in the footwear section. Though when it comes to footwear I do not rely on just the big brands, I I do shop from Local city stores as well. (These are not local and are big and expensive but not many cities have them) Places like Metro, Shoe Tree, Shoe Villa and I even shop Footwear from Shopperstop and Lifestyle and much more also speak a lot about the trends in prices that are easy to afford.

Though I say if you shop from Zara shop ballerinas and browns, they have an amazing tone of brown colors and I just love it. All footwears are equally hitting this season but here I would take a moment to talk about Boots and Wedges.

1. Boots: Come winters and every girl goes crazy over boots. Browns, beige’s , blacks, red, whites and purples. I haven’t really seem someone wearing yellow boots but I would love to try that as well. Long boots might be way to much to wear on a daily basis but mid length boots and the ankle length boots are very usual in winters and can also be seen wearing by college students. In fact ankle length boots are a thumbs up in parties as well.

2. Wedges: The Spring Summer gave us the wedges and the rest was experimented. Almost every type of footwear now has their own wedges version. Be it the sandals, slippers or ballerinas. Floral wedges are quite in but I guess those should only be worn in the day time. (if the sun shows up) . Wedges in dark colors with bows (bows are so totally in) are what I am loving.

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