Shoe Stopper: Fun With Colors

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  • Tell us something about yourself?
I’ve always considered this to be one of the toughest questions, ever. Yet I’ll make an attempt to answer it. I’m Devika Bharadwaj, a nature lover, an art- fanatic and a chai addict. I could spend the rest of my life with fabric paint, embroidery threads, good books and a small farm. Shoe Stopper is my baby and I know how clichéd I sound when I say that, but it’s true. I strive really hard to make sure everything I paint results in a “wow” and a happy shopper.
Hand painted canvas shoe
  • When, how and why did you start shoe stopper?
I launched Shoe Stopper in the summer of 2009. I wanted to give my bestie a pair of customized shoes, the idea struck and converted into Shoe Stopper. I had a lot of support from friends and family. That’s how I started marketing it on Facebook. Slowly and steadily, Shoe Stopper has evolved and continues to evolve into something bigger.
Customized canvas shoe
  • Painting, that’s your claim to fame! What all is special in shoe stopper collections?
The most special thing about Shoe Stopper is that we can paint ANYthing on ANYthing that can be painted on. The idea is to provide customized products which you don’t get easily in the market. So anything you want, we can customize for you. I started out with only shoes, but due to popular demand, I also started customizing t-shirts, bags, ties, caps and even cushions. I’m even working on a saree right now (may I mention that it’s quite a task).
Powerpuff shoes
  • How do you plan to take it forward?
As I’m also doing my master’s degree right now, I intend to keep Shoe Stopper going on as it is, and additionally make it a part of exhibitions and other art and cultural events. Slowly, I’d like to add different art forms into Shoe Stopper custom products such as embroidered products, local art prints, etc.  In a couple years’ time, with the right amount of experience and resources, I see bloody cool Shoe Stopper stores in the country. *bats eyelashes*
  • How did the idea of painting shoes come to you?

Like I said, I wanted to give my best friend a gift. At that time, she had a craze for converse shoes and some smileys, so I thought of mixing the two. Thus, I ended up painting those emoticons on a pair of shoes and the idea has stayed with me since.

I recently came across Devika Bhardwaj from Shoe Stopper, who is an amazing artist. She creates some real awesome stuff with fabric paints. I shall be styling her Red clutch soon. Here is a small interview with her so that you can know her a bit more. Also see, more and more of her customized hand pained shoes here.

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