Shimmer In Style With Colorbar Fluid Sand Nail Lacquer

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‘SAND’ that won’t slip through your fingers!
This was the first line that I read about this new product and it got me interested. Not only that it had a good story behind but also because Colorbar is one brand that I myself use a lot. Fluid Sand Nail Lacquer for me a was a twist to the shimmer nailpaints. The grainy effects of the paints gives a very nice texture on the application. With some pretty colors in its palette, This to me seemed like a perfect party staple. These nail paints are a very trendy way to welcome the monsoon.

The best part about using this is that it is good for the nails as well. It is DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene Free formula, does not cause yellowing or chipping of nails.

Since, the Fluid Sand Nail Lacquer has a story behind it, I also decided to share some different images than a regular NOTD

The Story:
They say, in every grain of sand, a story of love unfolds. So go lose yourself, watch the silver sparkling waves break at the shore, ignite the romance, and let these shades make you fall in love! This brand new collection has eight unique shades that will rise to any occasion. Divided into two palettes – day and night, each shade is loaded with the subtle accents of reflective shimmer to create a dreamscape of romance on your nails.

The day palette is beautiful, sophisticated and thoughtfully put together to match every mood, every occasion and every outfit. Embrace it with your love in shades like ‘Love Boat, Moon struck, First Date and Rose Day’. The night palette is strikingly beautiful and will hold a special place in your heart. Embrace it with your love in shades like ‘Wedding Affair, The Proposal, Won’t Let Go, Stay With Me’.

IMG_0362 IMG_0363 Colorbar Fluid Sand Nail Lacquer

Have you tried any color from this collection?

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