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Scarves lend oomph to your look. Whether you want to look Boho or Chic, Casual or Formal, Scarves are the best way to get that in your look.

Scarf at work
Scarves are the best way to add variety to your corporate look. You can drape a scarf around your neck; wear it like a Necktie, use it like a Shawl or Brooch it up. Silk Scarves are a great pick. They look Formal and Classy.

Chic and Boho
Scarves can also be worn to give you a Chic or a Boho look. Wear the scarf like a Bandana or a Headband. You can also use it as a Ponytail Wrap or wear it like a Belt. You can use scarves with Tassels (which is a big trend right now) to look chic or while dressing up for a party.

Casually Dressing up
You can use a thing scarf and wrap it around your wrist like a Cuff or tie it around your waist. To be different you can also make a Bow with your Scarf and Add it to your Bag. Accessorize your scarf and add the bling

Scarves seem to be much in fad right now. Everyone seems to wearing one. Here are some styles how you can wear them.
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