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So, even before I start writing about this experience of mine at the French Connection Store, I will have to mention that I like their collection. The collection is very vibrant peppy and youthy. They have a lot of colors and bling in the collection which makes me like it a lot. The collection surely has been made keeping a “happy go lucky” girl in mind. While it has a lot of pretty motifs to play around, it is definitely a winter collection and keeps loud the “warmth factor” in it. A lot of knits and woolens, trench coats and jackets but all styled beautifully.

The collection boasted of a lot of peppy knitted pieces, bling clothing and and cute dresses. The focus of the collection was more on a party than anything else.





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That was undoubtedly my (first) favorite look at the store. A simple but ready to go glam look. A royal blue bling sweater paired with a French Connection denim. That’s what we call a perfect fit meets shimmer. I primarily liked the look because it it din’t take a lot of effort to achieve it and anyone can actually make it there without any time. It is easy and as great as one would want. This is exactly how I usually dress. The sweater makes you party ready and that makes me love it even more. To sum it up, this was one perfect look.

The only thing  missing in the look is a big statement ring. The next time, I am going to style something similar, I am surely going to accessorie it with something statement.

This one is a perfect pick for a college goer. A simple way to look glam! I also wanted to pair it up with slightly shimmery pants (only slightly shimmery though) but did not try it then. The sweater will go well with white and black pants as well though blue makes it look just perfect. Add to these mid size greyish silver boots and you are ready with your oh so glam look.




This is again something that I liked  a lot. Two reasons: Comfort and Color. The sweater has some kind of a velvet kind material which makes it very soft to touch as well. This is what I meant when I said French Connection had some cutesy stuff in my last mail. This is something I would happily wear for a day party/event. The French Connection clutch also goes well with the entire ensemble making it one complete day look. The clutch is good enough to carry your essentials for a short day trip unless you are wanting to carry off your entire makeup kit in it).

Also Pair this up with lighter tones if you are planning to play around with colors in other elements. If you plan to have a bigger bag, a floral bag or may be some statement kinds shoes/big boots, then go for a denim in a lighter tone.

This one is again a piece that I liked a lot. I am sure to pick this up for my birthday next year. This Bling Jumpsuit is something that will certainly find it’s place with a lot of wardrobes. You can pair this jumpsuit, with  a pink or a red blazer (crop blazer) and be ready to rock.

Sequin Jumpsuit


Blue dress


These are my picks from the collection.  Some great stuff to check out. If you are looking to pick something up for a party, it’s here where you need to head.

Heading to French Connection and planning to shop, tweet your experience at @colorificindia and I would love to hear about your experience at the store. Tweet me an image of what you shopped!

P.S.- Ignore the flip flops in the pictures, I was running from work.


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