Pret-Amoda is REBORN

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Pret-Amoda is REBORN. It has gone more cooler, more chic and much more colourful. Just open the site and you are sure to fall in LOVE! I mean literally you will!

Pret-Amoda revamps it’s Online Store

Pret-Amoda is an online shop that brings designer co0llection from all over for us together on one platform. All the best, classic and blingy stuff at one place. So, you choose, buy and rejoice! I have been loving the hand printed clutches by Anusha Lalwani ever since I first saw Pret-Amoda but in it’s new avatar it brings a lot more that we cannot resist but love!

Firstly I would like to say that the new website is very user friendly. Everything gets clear on the homepage and you know where to head to. The range that they have bought in with the new Avtaar is huge and I heart it so much.

Pret-Amoda is the ultimate destination for a fashionista. Apart from the online shop they also have a magazine and a blog which you must must visit. Visit them Pret-Amoda

Now, they have come up with a whole new collection, let me take you through my favourites.

Pret-Amoda revamps it's new look - Stud Clutch


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