Pocket Friendly Cosmetic Brands In India

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We all love to buy cosmetics and we keep trying different cosmetic brands until we find the best and the perfect ones for us. Often choosing the best brands requires a lot of detailing; we look for the best quality, colours, suitability and the best price. For those who have no budget limitations, the sky is the limit and we shall definitely talk about Luxury Cosmetic Brands for them too but for now we are talking about pocket friendly cosmetic brands in India. Without a doubt, while talking about pocket friendly cosmetic brands in India, the first cosmetic brand that comes to our mind is Lakme.


Lakme has a whole range of cosmetics and cosmetic solutions all priced very sensibly for the common man. I mean for sure, if we sit to make a Bridal Box with Lakme cosmetics, it would all be done under 1800 INR. Coming from such a big brand, we know that with Lakme we are getting quality. Quality and Price both make it an amazing combination. Though at times and about a few products, I do feel that those products could have been better. The Lakme Foundation is one example where the product could have been better even though had it been a little more priced. The only high priced Lakme product that I have come across is Lakme Nine to Five Kohl.

Elle 18:

One cosmetic brand, whose prices are lower than even Lakme are Elle 18. This cosmetic brand has a youth feel to it. Its colours, packing and appeal has all been built keeping the college and school goers in mind (though I feel School children should really stay away from cosmetics). Personally I have not used Elle 18 cosmetics much and that is because of the price. I plan to stick to mid- priced or at times, high priced brands because If not the best, the quality definitely gets better.


Maybelline is a cosmetic brand that does not only fit in this category

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of pocket friendly cosmetic brands in India but also fits in the category of best quality cosmetic brands in India. Maybelline has cosmetics priced on a higher end than Lakme but lower than Revlon, Colorbar and their likes. If I remember correctly then a Maybelline Bridal Box costs around 3500 INR and which I totally recommend. I am not that great a fan of the Maybelline BB cream but I am in love with everything else totally.

I could also have had Revlon in this list of Pocket Friendly Brands in India but then considering all its ranges, I refrain myself from saying so. Though Avon is a also a great pick to be a part of this category and I shall be talking about the same in the story about Direct Selling Cosmetic Brands in India.

Tell us which do you swear by?


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