Pizza With A Difference

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IMG_3037Recently,we visited Jamie’s Pizzeria, Pacific Mall at Subhash Nagar. It is one of the coolest hangout place with friends. The ambiance is just amazing with rustic decor which offers a homey and comfey vibe, encouraging community dining. It has a seating capacity of around 50-60 people.

Their menu houses innovative and delicious thin crust pizzas, salads, sides and desserts. To begin with we ordered some starters. The best part what I liked was they had amazing dip to be served with Garlic breads. Bruschetta were just rocking.

The summers have set in and we highly recommend the fresh watermelon and feta cheese salad at Jamie’s Pizzeria.

IMG_3038 (1)

As they say variety is the spice of Life, Jamies Pizzeria offers a plethora of choices in Pizzas Keeping affordability and  quality  in mind. They offer delicious food menu with numerous options to choose from.

Jamie's Supergreens (1)

Jamie’s Super Green Pizza: This pizza is a delicious as well as healthy option to choose. As the name suggests it has loads of spinach and broccoli. I really liked this pizza a lot.

Chilli Freak Pizza (2) (1)

Chilli Freak Pizza: This pizza is for those who like spicy food. It was very interesting but for me one slice was sufficient. I guess for we Indians, it is the spice that makes our dish more interesting and flavorsome. So, colorific highly recommends this pizza.

We also tried the baked pasta dish of the day. It was hot and mindblowing with loads of veggies in it. In the Dessert I ordered sorbet and that was just yummy especially Mango sorbet. It had finely chopped Mango pieces in it.

About Jamie’s Pizzeria:

Jamie’s Pizzeria was founded in the old Library in the Centre of Cambridge. Currently there are two sites in the UK (Oxford and Cambridge) serving traditional Italian Pizza’s, sides and desserts. UK’s celebrated chef, Jamie Oliver is thrilled to launch his restaurant brands –

Jamie’s Pizzeria & Jamie’s Italian in India. The high-street Jamie’s Italian, which has over 50 restaurants across the world and Jamie’s Pizzeria with two sustainable eating restaurant brands abroad. Both his brands in India are being promoted by a joint venture between International Market Management, a London investment company and Delhi’s Carnation



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