Perfume Etiquette

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Like the great Coco Chanel had said, “A girl, who does not wear perfume, does not have a future”. The etiquette of wearing perfumes seeped into our lifestyles long back. Looking good and feeling good is as important as smelling good is. A good scent helps you announce your arrival even before you do!

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The word Perfume literally means “through the smoke”. The culture of Perfumes not only dominates the fashion scene today but has been an important factor since the olden times. Perfume in the form of incense and aromatic herbs played an integral part in the Royal Egyptian culture and also among the Indian Princely. The idea of preparing for a special day involved starting from some aromatic smoke creating a great atmosphere to begin.

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Even today, perfumes speak volume about a person’s true personality. Perfumes are a luxury whose appreciation talks about the sheer ritual of royalty. Using the right perfume is the best way to have a powerful effect on someone. While you should always use a perfume according to your Body type, your choice of fragrance will majorly dominate what perfume you use.

I am someone who is always skewed towards using a soft and sweet scent. While something strong, takes on me pretty fast, a sweet fragrance stays longer with a supple effect throughout the day. I have mostly been towards floral and aqua fragrances because they completely suit my Behavior Type if not Body Type.

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I love the sweet notes that create a lasting impression. Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera, Estee Lauder would be a few brands that I prefer when it comes to getting that right scent in my bag!

A few must haves for me this season are:

  1. Modern Muse from Estee Lauder
  2. J’adore from Dior
  3. Lancome Miracle Women
  4. Estee Lauder Pleasures Women

While I have already scored the first two, the next two are topping my wish list right now.

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One of the finest or one may opt to call it one of the best place to hop in when you plan to buy some exotic yet elegant and delightful fragrances is surely Select CITYWALK, Saket . Over the time it has become one of the favorites of many fashion and style lovers like me who just wish to get all at one go. It is the hub of most renowned brands worldwide.

Do share with us which is your Favorite Perfume and why?






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