Perfect Little Black Dress- How To Accessorize

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Little black dress is something which fits right and apt whenever you are ready to go out for an event or party. Buying a LBD is not that tough job. Picking a appropriate LBD from any branded store or from any boutique would help you out to get a perfect outfit. However,adding a blind to your LBD will definitely look for your creativity. Accessorizing your perfect little black dress in your own way will make you look different every time you wear it.

Here I am writing a few ways with which you can accessorize your LBD beautifully and this will definitely add a oomph to your look.
1. Wearing Neon accessories with your Little black dress will help in styling it differently and beautifully like carrying a neon satchel or wearing neon color high heels.

2. Wearing a statement necklace that best suits your LBD also looks amazing.















3. Trying out colour blocking in accessories,shoes,purses with the Little black dress is another option which will give a new look to your outfit.

4. Trying out different belts with the perfect little black dress will everytime make it look unique and styled differently.

5. Glittering and shimmer bracelets would also help in accessorizing it truly.

6. Wearing a Blazer or scarf will give your perfect little black dress an all together different look.

7. Wearing you Little Black dress with the bright colours like golden or dark red might give a spicy look.

8.  Wearing make-up also does have a impact in making your look graceful and different. Trying out baby pink or hot red and sometimes neon in eye-makeup on lipstick might bring a total new side of you.

9. Even experimenting with a stylish little Blazer or scarf  can give you a unique look.











Accessorizing your LBD differently gives you every time a all together different look. Instead of buying different LBD and making a collection of it,one can try out different innovative techniques.Your creativity can make you look  different and can add a new spice every time you wear your Little black dress. In Fact as we say, a Little Black dress is a forever fashion trend. Something that always remains in fashion and never dies out. In fact it is always loved and it is that one perfect piece of dressing that you should always have.




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  1. Ruthie Huff

    September 7, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Pretty soft Navy blue/ Turquoise sleeveless dress. I have black patton leather sandals and skinny black belt worn right under bust (it’s empire waisted ) Two questions: Is the black patton leather I chose so far ok and could I wear a Matching( to both blue colors) /silver necklace or do I have to stick with more black like black shiny beads. thank you.

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