Pepsi Change The Game

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17th June 2012, was finally the day for Pepsi to Change the game. A day full of stars, fun, excitement, football and loads more, Pepsi Change the game was all the excitement that Delhi holded for the day. The crowd was full of football enthusiasts from all over Delhi and North India who had come in especially to the Pepsi T20 grand finale and Drogba and his action in the cage.

This was a star studded event with Nikhil Chinapa as the host and Ranbeer Kapoor adding the glam factor to the event. Baichung Bhutia, Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli and Harbhajan Singh also played. Yes, the finale had a star studded match too.


The event had 7 teams from all over India who had come up after winning in their respective states. The 8th team was a wild card entry who had made it’s way to the Grand Finale by winning in an online avenue. These 8 in cage matches were the highlight of Delhi for the week. Nikhil Chinapa was the host for the Day.

This was the first in stadium match that I had seen and for me it was a great experience. Seeing guys actually taking off their T-shirts and shouting at every goal was something that spoke of the real the real fun that it was. We shouted, everyone shouted and we could actually hear, “Drogba!! Drogba!!” echoing all around.

For what I loved the most, football freestylists, Sivamani and Mr Bukkad. Yes, If you missed any of this, check out the website of Pepsi Change the Game. And yes, to top it all, Delhi won! The Champions of the Pepsi T20 Football Grand Finale were SGC Delhi.

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