Pamper your Hair with Himalaya Hair Care Regime

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Choosing the right hair care products for happy hair has never so been easy.  Healthy and bouncy hair is the kick start to a desired look. Apparel, Accessories and all other things loose its charm if your hair are dull and lifeless. Putting your Hair care regime in top priority list can bring you endless peace and pleasure with easily manageable and shiny hair.

Lets uncomplicate and unwind the hair fear issue with a little more care and caution.  Himalaya herbals hair care regime is a quick fix for rough, fizzy, dull, lifeless, unmanageable, course and tangled hair. Himalaya Herbals is a trusted brand with which I guess we all are familiar with. I have been using the Himalaya neem face wash and the result is undoubtedly fantastic.

Recently, the brand invited a few Delhi bloggers to experience the Himalaya hair care range  and make you feel good and look awesome. We were invited at the D’Nottable Salon & Spa, M- Block market, Greater Kailash 1. The ambiance and the décor of the salon are amazing. The hair Expert of the salon examined our hair and told us about the hair related issues we have and the particular range we should use.

It is a six step procedure for a complete Himalaya hair care regime. Created with the fusion of natural ingredients like Amalaki, bhringaraja , Yarrow and beansprout etc. The products are very reasonably priced to cater to the hair problems of common man. We at colorific as you all know try to focus more on herbal products and these products are really winners.

The Hair care Expert suggested me to use the anti-hair fall treatment. The six phase of the Hair care regime are :_DSC0255

1. Oiling– Himalaya Anti Hair fall hair Oil was applied on the scalp and was massaged very gently so that  the oil gets absorbed. An important thing which I would like to share with my readers that the expert told to keep hair oil for half an hour is more than sufficient. Needless to mention the massage was excellent at the D’Nottable Salon & Spa.

The main ingredients: Amalaki and bhringaraja

The highlighting benefits: Prevents hair fall and stimulates hair growth.




2. Shampooing: Himalaya Anti hair fall shampoo with the goodness of bhringaraja and butea frondosa is      used for cleansing the hair with a slight luke warm water.

The highlighting benefits: A 2-in-1 formulae that reduces hair fall and provides nourishment. It improves your hair texture to reduce hair fall due to breakage.


3. Hair care cream-The next step is to apply Himalaya herbal anti hair fall hair cream. Apply the cream and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

The main ingredients: Amal and bhringaraja

The highlighting benefits: Prevents hairfall and stimulates hair growth


4. Hot Towel: The next step is to take cover your hair with a hot towel for approximately 10 minutes to allow deeper penetration

5. Shampooing: The hairs were washed again to cleanse the scalp with Himalaya Anti hair fall shampoo.

6. Conditioning: The last step is conditioning and they used for my hair Damage repair protein conditioner. Apply on the length of the hair from base to tip. Leave it for 2 minutes.

The main ingredients: Yarrow and beansprout

The highlighting benefits: Provides necessary nourishment to hair, leave it silky, smooth and healthy.


This six step Hair spa experience with Himalaya hair care range was simply amazing the result is noticeable.

I would suggest my lovely readers to try these Herbal products to make their hair happy in the same six steps that I have shared with you for quick results. Buy Himalaya Herbal Products Here.

I believe pampered hair importantly make a huge impact on your over all look. Do you?


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