Pamper Party By Avon

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Indian Fashion BloggersAbout Avon:
Avon is the largest Direct Selling company and the Number 1 Beauty Direct Seller in the World. To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women.
Avon was launched in India in September 1996 and is currently present in more than 14 states in the country through Service Delivery Points & Avon Beauty Zones located at accessible locations. Avon stays at the forefront of the beauty marketplace by bringing leading-edge, technology-based products to women around the world. A global beauty icon, a world leader in lipsticks, fragrances and anti-aging skin care makes Avon a top global brand.
Pamper Party By Avon:
Avon recently did something especially for the Delhi fashion and beauty bloggers. A pamper and fun session. The fun session was what we loved the most. Avon actually created a day of being a child and loving it. We spent the entire time at the Avon Beauty Centre playing with those fun props and getting tonnes of pictures clicked. Every picture was beautiful, fun and actually super fun in
Avon Kids corner
Nail art Session:
There was also a nail art corner there at the Avon party, where every blogger got nail art done. Everyone had those beautiful creations done on their nails. Avon is also a running a nail art contest. Did you check that out?
Funky Props Corner:
So, Avon has come up with their new kids range. They now have some beautiful (cute yellow) shampoos and body roll on soaps for kids. To celebrate the launch of this new kids range, Avon created a kids

Avon Beauty Bloggers Meet

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