Pamper with Innisfree mask sheets

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  • What are Sheet masks?

 Sheet masks are typically cotton or fiber sheets which are pre-cut into the shape of your face and soaked in liquid formulas that are made to treat the skin. Sheet masks are cut to fit the contour of your face with holes to protect your face’s most sensitive parts – i.e. the eyes, lips, and nostrils.


  • What do they do?

Sheet masks are very effective in delivering nutrients to the skin due to its close dermal contact. Depending on the ingredients used in the formula, sheet masks typically provide intense hydration and nourishment, and often helps repair damaged skin cells.

    • Hydrate dry facial skin.

Dry skin does not only look dull and lifeless, it also leads to premature skin wrinkles. Hydrating sheet masks help provide the skin with moisture, especially water, and keep it hydrated for hours.

    • Intensively nourish the skin.

Sheet masks infused with organic ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals can help nourish the skin, enhance the skin’s immunity, and protect the skin against free radical damage.

    • Repair damage in the skin cells.

Sheet masks that have been infused with ingredients such as collagen or hyaluronic acid help to replenish cellular substances in the skin cells that tend to decline with age. By rebuilding skin cells, sheet masks can help bring back the skin’s moisture-retention capacity, resulting in firm, healthy, and younger-looking skin.


  • What is special about sheet masks?

Face mask users are especially drawn to sheet masks due to its hassle-free application and instant results. Sheet masks do not require the use of auxiliary tools or additional procedures (i.e. wash-off) after use.

Sheet masks are especially effective given the fact that the sheet masks trap the formula on top of your skin, forcing it to absorb and sealing in moisture.

 Innisfree Eco science hydro gel mask: Innisfree has also introduced sheet masks enriched with naturally originated anti-aging active ingredients from marine plants and botanical extracts.

About Innisfree:

Innisfree is a South Korean Beauty brand. They have recently launched their first store in Delhi. Innisfree is committed to providing customers with an exceptionally rich and 100 percent natural benefits for customers. Having started out by releasing the ‘Green Tea Pure’ line in 2008 using Jeju green tea globally, Innisfree has so far re-imagined a total of 10 Jeju ingredients as cosmetic products, such as green tea, sea mustard, volcanic stone, citrus peel, green beans, canola, camellia, Jejubija (nutmeg) and green barley.

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