Organic Harvest Hair Spa for Dry & Damaged Hair and Curry leaf Essential Oil Review

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From a last few days I have been searching for and looking for products that can reduce the dullness and dryness noticed by me in my hair since the starting of august. The dullness and dryness could be due to change in weather, pollution or any reason but this really made be search for something that can restore moisture and shine in my hair. Recently, Got my hair chopped off also.

Organic harvest expert suggested me to use these two products. Here are the details:

Hair Spa for Dry & Damaged Hair(with hydrolyzed keratin protein)


I have using this product from last fifteen days. This hair spa deep conditions the hair. It is  thick and creamy product. The hair spa come in a flip flop tub shaped bottle. The product has  a mild fragrance.  My hair feels soft and silky and has more shine than before.



Pros of Hair Spa for Dry & Damaged Hair(with hydrolyzed keratin protein)

Free of Parabens, Mineral Oil and Animal Ingredients.

No color added.

This hair spa adds to the  smoothness and softness in the hair.

Reduces the frizzness and make them more manageable.

Key Ingredients

Xanthum gum, hydrolyzed corn starch, Beta Vulgaris Root Extract, panthenyl, sodium shale oil, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.

How to use

For best results, use weekly for intense repair. Apply to clean, wet hair and massage along the lengths and ends. Leave on for 5-7 minutes wrapped with hot towel, rinse thoroughly.
*Color of this product may change due to the use of Organic and Natural Ingredients.

What the brand claims:

This thick cream based hair spa increases the “Hair Humidity Resistance Factor” (H2RF) to reduce the effect of humidity and provides manageability and control over fizz. It helps in maintaining the shine normally lost by the hair during shampooing.

Price: Rs 895/-


Curry Leaf Essential Oil

After they suggested me this curry leaf essential oil, I read a lot about  curry leaf oil and it is really good for hair. Curry Leaf Essential Oil is actually pure concentrate of curry leaves oil. This Curry Leaf Essential Oil from Organic Harvest is free from pesticides. This oil is made of 100% natural ingredients. This essential oil has the fragrance of curry leaves. I use this on a weekly basis. Adding a few drops 6-7 in the carrier oil ( for me it is olive oil). A light massage with this before going to bed and washing off the next day really works well. I actually feel that the texture of my hair is improved. Oiling on a weekly or bi weekly basis restores the moisture and shine and makes them healthy.

This Essential Oil can be used for:

  • Hair – Prevents premature graying of hair – Promotes hair growth of stronger and thicker hair – Moisturizes scalp and eliminates dandruff
  • Body, Mind and Soul – Reduces stress and anxiety.

How to use
Essential oil to be used only along with carrier oil for massage. Adding a few drops 6-7 in the carrier oil and massage gently on to hair.

What the brand claims:

A peculiar sweet, spicy scent with bitter undertones attributes to strong aroma of this essential oil. The nutrients have proven to keep body and soul in good health.

Price: Rs 800/-

I can without a doubt say that both products have definitely added and boosted the softness and shine in my hair and they are in their brilliant job.


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