Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk Review

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We all know that a good skincare starts with cleansing and regular CTM is very important to make your skin look fresh and glowy. So, today I wanted to share with you this fab cleansing milk by Organic Harvest.  I have been using this for sometime now. Here’s the review. . .

Thanks to its natural properties, this cleansing milk from the activ range of Organic Harvest  is a new addition in my skin care products.                            .

The first thing I noticed about this cleansing milk was its packaging and how it was fab. The bottle is sturdy with a dispenser. It is white in color that gives your skin required nourishment keeping it soft and supple. The fragrance is very light. It is a non-drying formula that helps to preserve skin’s natural moisture balance and doesn’t let your skin feel dry. It is excellent for removing make up, but I prefer to use  micellar water first and clean my skin with this cleansing milk.

This cleansing milk by Organic Harvest is very gentle and cleanses the skin well removing all dirt and impurities.

The cleansing milk by Organic Harvest does a good job of  making my skin looks healthy clean and nourished.

Its daily usage does improve the skin texture a bit – making it soft and supple.

The only thing I am a skeptical about this product is it is a little on the pricey side !! But believe me it is luxurious and delivers what It claims.

This cleansing milk can be purchased online from Organic Harvest.

What The Brand Claims:

Get rid of dirt, pollution and harmful chemicals from your skin pores in a flick! The gentle and non-greasy range of cleansing milk not only imparts skin clarifying results but also balances the skin pH for a well nourished and healthy skin. Rejoice your natural beauty sans make-up!

The richness of natural minerals and Provitamin B5 in this fortifying cleanser soothes the skin by removing excess oil without tightening or over drying. The perfect product for makeup lovers with combination skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Aqua, Certified organic Decyl glycoside, Provitamin B5, Propylene glycol, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate and Perfume.
  • No Color Added.
  • Free of Parabens, Mineral Oil and Animal Ingredients.


Wet your face. Apply the product to your face in a circular motion, making sure each spot gets covered with cleanser. Keep massaging in a circular motion for thirty seconds to a minute. Rinse thoroughly.
*Color of this product may change due to the use of Organic and Natural Ingredients.

Price: Rs 1195/-

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