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While, I am on a run every time, I devote the least available time for hair care apart from a regular weekend coconut oiling which has become an important regime. This obviously does no good to hair & especially in this rough & dry weather, something more is needed. Leave alone pampering, I am actually talking of the basics here. Come summers & dandruff really attacks as if it had only been waiting for the sun to show back. Though I donot face a major dandruff issue, but I love my hair & even the small flakes of white that I see give me a red signal.Many shampoos & hair oils claim to solve these problems and make the hair look shiny and smooth but not everyone who claims gives visible results. I recently came across a new hair potion to get rid of these problems. The potion is clinically proven and help to a great extent to your hair related issues.The best part is, it talks about pure science, no magical claims !


The first thing that you notice on the application is the smell. I called “smell” because that is what we generally term any hair potion’s fragrance but here, the fragrance is very light & mild. For me, it worked on a positive note because I am anyway s sensitive to strong ones. Again, the potion is not at all sticky & that makes the application much pleasant. I actually kept the potion on for a day (I can never ever do that with a hair oil, I am seriously allergic to anyone seeing me with my hair dipped in oil). Yes, you also do not need a lot of it & just a few pumps would be good enough for normal length hair (7 pumps were good for mine). The texture is again light & smooth, so nothing sticky on your hands or hair while you apply it.

After about 3 times of use, dandruff seems better & I am continuing the use to see better/actual results.Also, one thing which works in the favour of the potion is that, it does not need double shampoo application. It is mild & that makes it good in all ways.



Olique Advanced Hair Oil Potion for Normal hair is formulated to fight dandruff and Hairfall ALL DAY which is not addressed by ordinary Hair Oils and Shampoos. Olique advanced Hair Oil Potion has been clinically evaluated for efficacy by dermatologists under GCP guidelines as “Anti-Hairfall and Anti-Dandruff formula”. This extensive clinical research has proven best results on Dandruff, Hairfall control and removal of itch.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Medium Chain Glycol, Fragrance, Alcohol Denatured PiroctoneOlamine, Tocopherol Acetate, ButylatedHydroxy Toluene.


Clinical Results: Olique Advanced Hair Oil Potion for normal hair (VB-001) has been clinically evaluated for efficacy and safety as “Anti-Hairfall formula and Anti-Dandruff formula”.

A 168 subjects randomized multi center clinical trial of efficacy and safety as per GCP has been conducted in India in comparison with Anti Dandruff Marketed Shampoo has shown proven efficacy based on ASFS score, IGA pruritus and no side effects.

More than 90% people reported “ZERO Dandruff*” after 2 weeks of usage

More than 87% people reported visible reduction in Hairfall within 2 weeks of usage

About 100% consumer reported Zero itch related to Dandruff within 2 weeks of usage

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MRP :Rs 185/- for 90 ml


Also, the product with the pricing is surely value for money & a must try. In terms of the results, as of now, it is a 4/5. I will surely put in an update here after regular use. As for what I experienced, this one is a very light and effective way to save you hair from dandruff. Those who can experiment, try your hands on it as a styling potion as well. Might work!!

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