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  • Fluid Facialbrings to you the never before Super Food for your skin
  • Combines the goodness of Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals
  • Administered via layering of skin using an oxy-jet spray

O3+, the leading Indian professional skin care brand is revolutionizing the skin care industry in India with its unique and novel intervention – The Fluid Facial. The state of the art innovation in skin care; Fluid Facial, is poised to transform the beauty and wellness sector and impact the way facials are being administered in India. Fluid Facial is packed with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that areapplied on the derma using oxy-jet spray, keeping any kind of contamination at bay. Fluid Facial is a high impact, instant-effect, super food for the skin. The impacts of the fluid facial are visible from the very first facial.

The fluid facial was devised based on the science that the woman’s skin goes through multiple changes every day based on the various factors that impact her physical being. The fluid facial system takes into account the woman’s menstrual, fertile and luteal phases in order to tackle every skin need and offers bespoke rejuvenation solutions. Fluid facial addresses skin issues ranging from dryness, ageing, loss of nutrients to dullness and sensitivity.

Fluid facial is a new skincare experience where the customer not only experiences the layering of various fluids into the skinbut also knows exactly what facial one is getting, exactly how many steps are entailed & takes home 6 days home care to use in a pretty Fluid Facial box, hence forth endorsing NO BLIND FACIALS .These facials are a unique blend of layering and the conventional relaxation.

O3+ Fluid Facial is a product innovation much ahead of time, the facial includes high impacts agents like ascorbic brassion, Amino 11, C 11, and Beta. With no Emulsifier, No Parabens, No Sulfate, No Perfume & Color Used, this facial layering penetrates deep within the skin by use of Oxy Jet Spray. The results are high impact and instant.

The Fluid Facial range offers three different categories which includes Treatment Fluid Facial, Lifestyle Fluid Facial and Lifestyle Fluid Clean Up- each of which is devised scientifically, to address the distinctive skin needs.

Treatment Fluid Facial is most suited for those looking to delay signs of ageing, treat pigmentation & get rid of tan.  Amino 11 Protein Fluid Facial is the best treatment for anti-ageing whileC11 Vitamin Fluid Facial helps in reducing & eliminating pigmentation. For an acne-prone skin, Oligo Element Mineral Fluid Facialworks as a potent skin correction potion. It also shows instant results in tan removal& skin detox.

The Lifestyle Fluid Facial offers two specialized treatments for the skin. Night Fluid Relax & Glow helps in reducing first signs of ageing and de-stresses the skin while Vitamin Fluid Youthful Facial acts as a radiance booster & nourishes the skin cells.

The Lifestyle fluid clean upconsist 2 types of treatment. The first one is Vitality Fluid Clean Up facial whichawakens the cell, nourishes the skin and slows down ageing. The second facial in this category is Bright Fluid Clean Up which is prefect for regular use as it protects the skin from tanning, provides environmental protection,energizes the skin & boosts natural radiance

If you are planning a salon visit, then you should definitely try the Fluid Facial range depending on your skin need. Fluid facial’s Smart Unit Dose System provides a professional approach to skin rejuvenation and treatment.

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