‘No Leather’ bag by Baggit

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 Attention Bag Addicts: Baggit has recently introduced ‘No Leather’ Bags. They have a special collection inspired by the look of Katrina Kaif in the movie BangBang.

Baggit is a well known brand when we talk about bags,clutches and so on. Recently, Baggit has introduced ‘No Leather’ bag. So for those who use non leather items and bags, these no leather bags by Baggit would be a stunning addition to their wardrobe. They are made from cruelty free material.

Bags are one of the most important accessories. They are available in different shape,color and sizes. Selecting the right bag that just goes perfect with your outfit is a difficult task. Baggit is a premium brand and its no leather bag collection is available in attractive colours and designs. These no leather bag by baggit would definitely add a spunk to your wardrobe.



This bag is from the BangBang collection of Baggit. Sling bag in recent days has gained a lot of popularity. This sling bag is easy to carry and has ample space to house in your necessary stuff. This no leather sling bag by Baggit is elegant and high in fashion .The material of the bag and designing is really good. The collection features the bags sported by style icon Katrina kaif in the movie Bang Bang. The collection is chic and trendy.

What I like about this bag

Made of very soft material(cloth).


Has ample space to house your make-up and necessary things.

A cute sling bag, which will definitely add oomph to your outfit.

Handy and easily be carried while you are travelling.

I liked this “no leather” collection by Baggit.

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This sling bag is a complete value for money and is priced Rs 1725/-

Availability-Across all Baggit exclusive stores and online as well.


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